Saying Au Revior to ER

I wrote my first television related article about E.R.; long before blogs, websites, or my family owning a VCR, I compared and reviewed E.R. and Chicago Hope for my high school newspaper, the “Eye of the Dragon.” (For those of you not inclined to remember Chicago Hope, it too was a show about doctors in a Chicago hospital, although that is where the similarities ended).

Somewhere between there and here, I blinked, and 15 years went by. I am sure in some ways my 15 year-old self would not believe who she has become, or where she has gone–Jamaica, London, Leavenworth! But, some things have remained steadfast these many years, including, and amongst other things, my wicked laugh, worrying too much what people think of me, and of course my love of watching and writing about television. So, as E.R. officially ends tonight, I thought I should pay tribute to the show that gave me my start.


(No Longer) Weekly Video Clip: The West Wing

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing research, looking for jobs, etc. on the Internet; in my flat I can only get the Internet downstairs, which is bad news when I need to be in a quiet space to get stuff done. But, it’s good news when I want to watch some TV while I sit on the computer. I’ve been itching for something familiar and good and lately, I’ve been watching old episodes of the West Wing.