The Next Lost?: Flash Forward

The latest show to catch my eye is the new American drama, from ABC (shown on FIVE in the UK)Flash Forward. The basics of the story are that everyone on the planet blacks out for 2 minutes and some odd seconds at the same time, and during this time most (not quite all, or so we have been led to believe at this point) people saw flashes of some future event roughly six months in the future. Everything is in chaos when they wake up, as you’d suspect and people are wondering what now? Why did this happen? Can those that saw great futures ensure they happen, and can those that had not so great futures stop them? Flash Forward has all the elements that generally catch my eye in a tv show: an intriguing and mysterious hook with a seemingly sci-fi twist, attractive actors, great cinematography, and decent writing. Plus, the very famous Jett Jackson, of course. The questions is: haven’t I seen this all before?