In the end…

Well tonight (or tomorrow morning for those of us across the pond) is it: the end of Lost. The end of polar bears and time travel (on the same island), and an end to a particular-type of WTF moments. For me personally, so much has changed in the 5.5 years since lost debuted in 2004, it is amazing to think that I went from De Soto, MO to Leavenworth, KS, to Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England. From Cingular, to Saint Mary, to Big Brothers Big Sisters, to UTech & Roehampton, Starbucks, and the National Union of Students. Wow. Lost has truly been my ‘constant’ for a whole lot of change and jumping around the world (and even and island or two). It’s the one show that I never miss, that I have to see as soon as I can. I’m probably more than just a little unreasonably sad about it ending, but when a show has been with you for all that change, when it’s helped me make new friends, and when I’ve spent some great evenings watching it with old ones, it’s sad to see it go.

I have high hopes for the finale, that in the end it will be fantastic and fun and yes, I really hope we’ll get some answers (they really need to mention Walt). I know they can’t possibly answer everything I want, but if it’s done well, that’s okay. So, instead of focussing on what they better show me, I just want to briefly reflect on what they already have, in my favorite epsiodes.



Treme: A closer look at Post-Katrina New Orleans

Treme, the new HBO series, takes a look at New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina. The name of the series comes from the neighborhood of the same name which has been home to many musicians that helped make New Orleans so famous. Treme comes from David Simon and Eric Overmyer, who both worked on Homicide: Life on the Streets (one of my favorite shows ever) and The Wire. Both of those shows were critically acclaimed in their time and known for their diverse casts and strong writing. In the first five episodes, I’d say Treme fits right in.