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Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog address. I made the trek over to wordpress and updated the address to reflect where things are now. There is likely some wonky links that I didn’t notice, but I imported all of my posts in case anyone wants to see what I’ve written in the past.  I’m still working on Categories and Tags, but for the most part the wordpress blog is ready. The old blog may be more active again sometime and I’ll let you know if that happens.

I have a few plans coming up for blog in the next couple of months to help increase my activity and hopefully get more people to read. The next week will see a return of one of my favourite activities: making a colour-coded Fall television schedule. I am back in America so there are tons beginning-a few n this week and most will debut the w/c 19 September.  In addition to the schedule I will be reviewing some premiers of new and returning shows.

I am also planning on making the jump into recaps. I am starting slow with a show that aired 10 episodes over the summer; it will return in January and I aim to do one a week once I get started. I am hoping to begin after the Fall tv reviews and finish before it begins in January.

All of this should make for some more regular posting.

See you all soon.




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  1. Kym

     /  12/09/2011

    Exciting lady…exciting! Can’t wait for the color-coded schedule!


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