In Another Life

As a teenager I loved lots of different types of television shows, including shows that were targeted at my age group.  As I have gotten older, I have re-watched these shows as an adult, and some have aged better than others.   My So-Called Life, for example, holds up to my (more) mature viewing eye. Yes, I identify with the parents a bit more than the first go round, but I am proud of my younger self for having good taste.  The show has drama and perhaps even heightened drama, but it never veered into melodrama.  Other shows I loved back then, say Beverly Hills 90210, are enjoyable purely on a nostalgic level. I can see why I liked to watch it, but there’s not much there for me anymore. The acting isn’t great and the story lines aren’t that plausible (ahem, Donna Martin graduates). I guess I can say I was fully part of the 90s zeitgeist, but that’s about it.

Despite this, and perhaps the pervading television wisdom, shows primarily about teenagers, can be and are good. Switched at Birth, which is in its second season, is a show somewhere in the middle between My So-Called Life and Beverly Hills, 90210.  It’s a show with a ridiculous sounding name (my vote for a better name is the title of this post), a fairly melodramatic premise, that is actually executed rather well. So, I’m officially going to come out of the Switched at Birth closet, and say, it makes pretty good television. And I will tell you while if you just click below! You know you want to…



New Year’s Resolutions, TV Style

Girl watching tvThe move from December to January is so celebrated and grand,  I guess it makes some sense that this is time we also try and become whole new people in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. Of course that doesn’t really work because we are who we are and let’s be honest, I’m never going to be in the Olympics, no matter how many times I resolve to become competitive in curling. Still, we can seemingly never can resist the urge to try can we?  So, this year in the spirit of the new year, I list my five New Year’s Resolutions, TV Style, after da jump: (more…)