The Olympics, NBC Style or How to be Thoroughly Annoyed When Watching the Olympics

(Note: I have a post on The Newsroom that I am finishing up, but it is the Olympics, and I can’t let a chance to write about the Olympics pass me by!)

Four years ago, the Olympics were in Beijing, I was in London, and I experienced my first viewing experience away from the US.  I wrote about it back then just as I was tentatively getting used to the coverage of the event on the BBC. That year 98% of my Olympics was viewed on my computer as I lived in a residential hall without a television, with very little trouble. In 2010, I watched the Winter Olympics on a television, but still on the BBC. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those viewing experiences, and I had hoped to watching the 2012 Olympics in London. But as the best laid plans tend to go, I am back in the US watching these Olympics on NBC.

Because of this, it is hard to say how much watching the past two Olympics on the BBC has shaped my feelings about how I want to watch the games, or how much my disappointment of not actually being in London clouds my judgment on these games. Perhaps, I was always going to be critical of anything but BBC coverage. All I know is that almost every primetime viewing of this Olympics starting from the Opening Ceremonies has made my blood boil with NBC’s programing choices.