It’s Back! What I’m Watching, Told Through Colo(u)r.

The new season of television is upon us here in the United States, and I have a little tradition that I must uphold. I know I am a little bit tardy in this, as many shows have premiered, so for those  worried it might not make an appearance this year, never fear, the colo(ur) coded schedule is here!

I create this calendar to organise the new shows that I want to check out each fall and to keep track of the returning shows.  There are always shows that I check out once or twice that just fade away from my schedule, and I am sure this year won’t be different. This is either because they get cancelled, or they just don’t keep my interest.

A couple interesting (to me at least) things to note about this year.  My schedule feels very sparse this year, with only a few conflicts and even some open time slots.  I am not sure if this is because I have learned to live with less television in my life or for other reasons.   I have a pretty busy work schedule this semester and I know I won’t be able to keep up with a jam-packed slate. Or, it could be that it is simply a weak year for new shows.  I expect that it is a mixture of all three, but I have to say, there were very few shows I felt really excited about.

This schedule doesn’t reflect the many returning shows that I want to be watching (such as Boardwalk Empire or Homeland) that I have fallen behind on. As you may guess (or know) I have a difficult time not starting at the beginning . I am still working my way through Mad Men (and I will finish it so I can watch the next season live), so I am wary of taking on too much. So, I know there are good shows I am missing, but I can’t watch them all this year.

Here a quick rundown of the shows this one girl is watching this fall, after the break.