Mid-Season Review

ReviewIn October I made a (somewhat late) list of the television shows I planned to watch this season. A mix of old and new shows made the list, and after half a season, I thought a mid-season review seemed like a good idea.  Not surprisingly there are several shows that have dropped off the radar, due to time, or my lack of interest beyond the premise, or poor execution, or my lack of patience in the show. Here is a quick rundown of where  I am this season, and the why beyond why I’m still watching, what I am watching.

Sundays: I am going to be perfectly honest and say that I have dropped out of the Sunday television game so far this year. Because of football, the CBS shows are frequently on later than advertised, which is annoying. Also, I started teaching a class every Monday and Wednesday, and Sunday became my main day of prep time, leaving me less time anyway. I never really got started with 666 Park Avenue (oh well, it is cancelled anyway) and the reviews for The Amazing Race this season were pretty bad. I do like The Good Wife, but I tend to read up about it in recaps at this point.

Mondays: No matter how annoyed I got at certain storylines on Switched at Birth this season (such as the show’s relentless pursuit to pair off a teenage girl and 30 something-man, and my strong suspicion we were meant to find it romantic), I still overall enjoy the show. Yes, it has a very soapy element to it, but I still like its heart.  I deleted Partners from the DVR without watching the first episode, after reading about how lazy and offensive it was.  It is cancelled, so my guess is it didn’t improve. I watched about five episodes of Revolution, and no matter how much I like some of the people in it,  it feels like the writers picked all the annoying parts of Lost (a female lead who is more grating than Kate Austen), mixed it with the bad parts of say, Flash Forward (why is this mystery happening? Let me play dramatic music and show cryptic scenes of people being killed) and made a show. I don’t hate it, but it started to bore me.  It’s an average show, and I might check in when it returns for an ep or two and see if it gets any better.

Tuesdays: Tuesdays have been my most surprisingly fun night of television watching.  My favorite new show of the year is Ben & Kate, which is a very sweet comedy about a sister with a kid and the brother who moves in to help raise her. The show uses Maddie, this kid,  in the right ways most of the time, and Lucy Punch is delightful as BJ, Kate’s best friend. This show deserves a larger post later this season, but in the meantime, just get to know BJ.   New Girl has really moved beyond quirky girl looks cute (heck, I even kind of like Zooey Deschenel now) and Max Greenfield is quite good as Schmidt (when I see him pop up in reruns of Veronica Mars, it always jolting for him to not be Schmidt).  The Mindy Project is hit or miss throughout an episode, but I always enjoy watching it, and I am rooting for the show.  I did drop out of The New Normal after two episodes, because it displayed that Ryan Murphy hallmark of being cruel (this time to a little person) under the guise of satire and edginess. It isn’t satire if it is just mean.

Wednesdays: I have a whole post for Copper in the works, which I liked overall, so I won’t go into too much detail. A second season will air later this year, so I’ll catch you up before then. I watched a couple of episodes of the Neighbors and I did enjoy it, but just stopped watching because it just wasn’t top priority. I have become addicted to Arrow, which wins the Switched at Birth award for this year (i.e., the show that I never miss, and overlook its faults, because I love for some reason). The leading man’s abs are shown enough times in an episode the one could make a drinking game out of it–which is totally fine with me! I also enjoy Nashville, although I’m not exactly sure if it wants to be an overly soapy drama, or a musical, or a character study. Right now it is trying to be all three to varying degrees of success. What I know for sure is that I love Connie Briton, the exchanges between the two leading ladies, that one guy from ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway‘, and the music (and yes, I know it is country music).  Here’s hoping it finds its footing by the end of this season.

Thursdays: I am lamenting the fact that I, for the most part, missed the 30 Rock boat, so I know I am missing out on that front. I never found time for Last Resort, and all the Last Resort fans can blame people like me, since it is now cancelled.  I really enjoyed the first episode of Elementary, but I forgot to do a season’s pass, and missed a few episodes. CBS makes it incredibly difficult to catch-up on its shows, with limited episodes on the website, no On-Demand, and no Hulu Plus.  Since I hate to miss episodes (even when it might really not matter) this may be a summer catch-up for me.  I am over Glee, and mainly watch musical numbers after the fact, and occasionally read recaps. The show totally lost me at this moment, (see- The New Normal as well).  I stopped watching Up All Night, partly because it was so uneven and it will soon be on its third format, but (and I am a little embarrassed to say this) also because I chose Leslie Knope over GOB in the divorce.  Which brings us to Parks & Recreation: I’m still in love.  I can’t wait for Leslie’s and Ben’s wedding!

Fridays: There are only three episodes of Fringe left so by the time February hits, the show that unbelievably got to end on its own terms will have said its goodbyes.  I’ve written about Fringe before, and I will make sure I say a final good-bye before we’re through.

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  1. kym

     /  07/01/2013

    Yay an update! This season of new shows…ugh. I’m pretty much completely done with Glee – I think I have watched the Kurt scenes, but that’s all. I tried with Nashville, but it might have been too much for me. And I gave up (mostly) on Elementary, because like you, I missed several episodes. And he is no Cumberbatch.

    I am in complete agreement with you about Ben & Kate – loving it even though it is really silly most of the time. And I’m sticking with the Mindy Project because when it hits the mark, it is really funny.

    Overall, it seems like the older shows are doing so much better than the new ones. P&R is just great, every week is solid and funny and sweet. This last season of 30 Rock has been pretty consistently good that I am getting sad about the end. And Fringe…as we’ve discussed, I’m surprised at how bummed I am about it ending.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on Copper. Are you going to watch the new show, Ripper Street? And you are caught up on The Hour, right?


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