What I’m Watching, Summer Edition

summer tv

The temperatures have finally started heating up, the summer solstice as come and gone, and the summer tv season is in swing. Since we have longed moved past total re-run summers, there are always new shows to watch, but because there are less shows for me to watch, I have time to catch up on series that have ended and show that have become tenants in my DVR. A successful summer is a good mix of new and old shows, and I am hopeful I have found the formula!

Original Series
You all know my undying (but not unreasonable!) love of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, which returns for the back half of its second season. This half seems more understated than the previous few chunks, and hopefully will curtail the triangle drama between the girls.  The show is finally exploring the Bay/Regina relationship in depth, and appears to be gearing itself for more examinations of race, class, and culture.  The Fosters, another ABC Family show (for reals) is about two Moms raising a brood of biological, adopted, and foster kids. Three episodes in, I am mostly pleased with the show, especially in the portrayal of Lena and Steph, the two Moms. They feel like a real couple, and so far the show hasn’t descended into after-school special territory. Moving on from ABC Family, I am enjoying USA’s Graceland. 80% of this enjoyment is likely due to Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit looking attractive all of the time. It’s about a group of undercover agents (in a world where the FBI, DEA, and Border Patrol all live in harmony) that live in a house in LA; a.k.a.what starts happening when people stop being polite and go undercover. I can’t imagine it is very realistic, but it certainly is how I would like my undercover agents to be.  Rounding out my summer shows list are the second seasons of Copper on BBC America and HBO’s The Newsroom (because I can’t quit Sorkin, no matter how bad he writes women. I know I am part of the problem.).

Catching Up
My number one catch up this summer is Mad Men-and yes I know I have been saying this for at least a year. I really do like the show, but I can’t multi-task during it, so it takes some time for me to get through. I am nearly done with the second season though, so I hope this is the last time I have to write this.  I have the same inability to multi-task with Game of Thrones,  but I am nearly through season one.   I have actually managed to stay spoiler-free on the recent Red Wedding episode, but I know if I am playing with fire. I am also going to try and zip through Girls, which I have heard should be easy-peasy. That way I can decide for myself how racist the whole thing is.

I am also going to work through the last two episodes of Top of the Lake, watch the first season of Hannibal, and catch up on Defiance.

That’s a full schedule designed to get caught up on current shows before their new seasons whilst having some good summer fun. If the show watching schedule goes according to plan (and who knows, I have books I want to read too!) The Wire is my next project (and I will finally be able to hold my head high) and then Breaking Bad.

I will report on my progress!