I’m back!

After a very long break I am back! I apologise for being gone for so long. The short explanation as to why I’ve been gone is that I was spending nearly all of my free time applying to jobs, and after spending hours writing applications I just didn’t have any thoughts in my brain. Also, I wasn’t really watching much television, which is a problem for a blog about TV. As for why I have now emerged the easy answer is: I found a job in London. So, while I be working a full-time schedule, my free time is now mine again. Finally.

I have so much TV to catch up on, and my goal is to be caught up by the time the Fall Season starts in the US. This is probably too ambitious, but my goals generally are. (Remember that one where I was going to blog more often?) Anyway, here is my list of shows to catch up on (I will also take any suggestions if one of your favorites is not on the list):

30 Rock
The Office
Ashes to Ashes
Mad Men
True Blood
How I Met Your Mother

Watching these will of course depend much on how easily I can access them, as well as how much time I ultimately have. I love television, but I won’t spend ALL of my free time watching it. At least, it won’t be healthy for me to do that.

The two shows I have been able to watch are Lost (I’ve seen the whole season) and Battlestar Galactica (just three more episodes in the series to go for me. I think I haven’t finished them as I don’t want it to actually be over). So, I will be writing some thoughts on those, most likely making me the slowest blogger on television in the land. I have some other posts in the works as well, and I hope to do my part in making this an actual working blog.

Thanks for your patience.


Is the "Life on Mars?"

I hope you will forgive me for the bad pun that is the title, and if it hasn’t made you roll your eyes too much, I hope you will continue reading.  I do also realize the title is in reference to the David Bowie song not the red planet that is our neighbor in this universe, but not being one to pass up obvious puns, I just couldn’t help myself.

What follows is a fairly lengthy post (which will be discovered after the jump) that covers generally the first two episodes of the U.S. Life on Mars. It isn’t too spoilery, but if you don’t want to know anything about the second episode please proceed with caution.


The Best (or Worst) of British Television: Lost in Austen

Welcome to the first edition of The Best (or Worst) of British Television, starting with the series Lost in Austen, which recently aired on ITV here in the UK. This column is the beginning of a semi-regular look of the happenings of British television. I will cover both series currently airing and plan to delve into the annals of British TV (covering such gems as The Office and Coupling, amongst others). There might even be a guest columnist or two on this topic. Before I begin it may be helpful to point out a few differences between British TV v. American TV. The major one being that unlike in American TV, most seasons of television that air across the pond usually consist of, at most, 13 episodes. They also tend to have less seasons, with the exception of the soap-style dramas, which go air each night and go on forever, just like our soaps. These two facts lead to tighter stories than perhaps happens in American television. Another fun fact is that the Brits call their seasons, series, such as Series One of Lost rather than Season One of Lost.

One more Olympic post…

After a long break, I am back, and I promise to start posting with a vengeance, so watch out! I’ve finished up some things and now have time and a television. Whee.As the new fall TV season is just getting started in the U.S. I don’t have too much to say on American television. Yet. But, I have a list of shows I want to give a chance, and a color coded schedule will be coming soon. But, I have been watching some stuff here in Great Britain–namely the Olympics. I know this post is a little outdated since the Michael Phelps Games (ahem, the 2008 Summer Olympics) finished about three weeks ago or so, but I hope you will indulge me for just one more Olympic post.

My first Olympics away from home

Before I get going, I must say in the interest of full disclosure, I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  I love everything about them: the sports, the athletes, the outfits, the cheesy commentary, the tear-at-your-heartstrings features, the commercials…literally everything.  But, for the interest of a blog about TV, I am going to focus (as much as possible) on the television aspects of the Olympics and the overall viewing experience.