To Love TV from Afar

Of all the complaints I may or may not have about the United States, one thing is for sure: we make great television. From writing, acting, execution, location, down to the general look we have definitely set the standard of TV. Don’t misunderstand (or is that ‘misunderestimate?’) me. I like television from other countries, BBC America for one, has shown some of the best of British TV (Life on Mars, Dr. Who, Coupling, etc). I certainly don’t like American TV at the expense of other TV…I am an equal opportunity television watcher.

But, what’s difficult, is trying to watch that great, well-made American television when you are in a foreign land, without actually owning a TV. Yes, my friends, a (new) television blogger without a TV. I swear it is not because I’m one of those people (you know the kind) who say, “I don’t watch TV” or “I have no need for a television.” No, it is because I am a poor graduate student living in London, who can’t afford that TV.