The Bluths are Back!

Arrested Development ranks as (at least) my co-favorite television show. (Sports Night puts up a good fight). I will admit it took a couple of episodes for me to fall in love, but once I fell, I fell hard. A combination of pop culture references, witty one liners, and jokes that pay off several episodes later, Arrested Development literally never gets old.

So, obviously I am very excited about premiere of 15 new episodes that drop on Netflix tomorrow at 2am, Central Time. There has been lots of hand wringing and worry going on around the internets about this “season” of A.D. Will it be funny? Does it make sense to revisit the Bluths right now? Honestly, I am not worried. I am still so giddy that I get to see the whole Bluth (and friends!) clan again that I am not sure it could disappoint. My hope is that the new episodes reward longtime viewers, but also bring in new ones.

I will likely be live tweeting as I watch (@ilovethebluths), though I make no promises on the quality of 2 am tweets. I will be back for thoughts once I have digested all the eps, so for now I will say that despite exclamations of “getting rid of the Seaward”, “I will leave when I am good and ready!”

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Weekly Video Clip: Tobias Funke

Welcome to a new addition on the blog: the Weekly Video Clip, or WVC.  This is, obviously, where I put a video on the blog.  Also, we reserve the right to show more than one clip a week.  Plus, if you can think of a better than that “Weekly Video Clip” do give me the suggestion.

You Tube is a great thing because it allows us to see clips of things that we thought we might never see again, like great old commercials. It is also a venue for people to show their creativity with editing.

So, to start of this feature off, here is one of my favorite characters, in one of my favorite shows of all time.  Yes, you had to know I was going to start of with Arrested Development. Specifically, Tobias Funke and his, shall we say, peculiar way of speaking.