Fringe Farewell


(edit: I fixed my hanging asterisks!)

When Fringe debuted in 2008, it wasn’t love at first sight. I liked it okay, but honestly it all felt a little predictable. Yes there was this weird sci-fi component, and it was from J.J. Abrams, and Pacey* looked cute, but despite it being right up my alley, I wasn’t super enthusiastic.I was watching from London, where it was not actually airing (we won’t go into how I watched it) and I remember not staying on top of it too much at first. It wasn’t Battlestar Galactica or Lost, and I am honestly surprised sometimes that I ever kept watching.  I think I was bored, and I could watch it in my room on the computer, and it was enjoyable enough.  Well after five seasons, I am so glad I stayed.  Fringe signs off Friday night (here in America), and here is my farewell love letter to the show.



Mid-Season Review

ReviewIn October I made a (somewhat late) list of the television shows I planned to watch this season. A mix of old and new shows made the list, and after half a season, I thought a mid-season review seemed like a good idea.  Not surprisingly there are several shows that have dropped off the radar, due to time, or my lack of interest beyond the premise, or poor execution, or my lack of patience in the show. Here is a quick rundown of where  I am this season, and the why beyond why I’m still watching, what I am watching.


Returning Fall Favorite: Fringe

Fringe, which just started its sophomore season this week, ranked as one of my favorite shows from last season. From J.J. Abrams, Fringe was a lot of sci-fi fun and it was easily addict-able with strong performances from most of the cast, especially from John Noble as crazy-scientist Walter Bishop. The stories were fun and entertaining, and the first season cliffhanger was brilliant. Apparently controversial in the U.S., but brilliant nonetheless. My main issue last year with the show was that it was often predictable; I often knew the outcome of the show or a twist that was coming many scenes before it was revealed. In fact, the best part of the Season 1 finale was that while I knew what was going to happen before each of the two big reveals, it was only a few seconds before, which leads to that great feeling that you figured something out while still getting to be shocked at the same time. So, how did the the second season kick off? I’d have to say about the same as last year–good fun, but alas, somewhat predictable.