I’m back!

After a very long break I am back! I apologise for being gone for so long. The short explanation as to why I’ve been gone is that I was spending nearly all of my free time applying to jobs, and after spending hours writing applications I just didn’t have any thoughts in my brain. Also, I wasn’t really watching much television, which is a problem for a blog about TV. As for why I have now emerged the easy answer is: I found a job in London. So, while I be working a full-time schedule, my free time is now mine again. Finally.

I have so much TV to catch up on, and my goal is to be caught up by the time the Fall Season starts in the US. This is probably too ambitious, but my goals generally are. (Remember that one where I was going to blog more often?) Anyway, here is my list of shows to catch up on (I will also take any suggestions if one of your favorites is not on the list):

30 Rock
The Office
Ashes to Ashes
Mad Men
True Blood
How I Met Your Mother

Watching these will of course depend much on how easily I can access them, as well as how much time I ultimately have. I love television, but I won’t spend ALL of my free time watching it. At least, it won’t be healthy for me to do that.

The two shows I have been able to watch are Lost (I’ve seen the whole season) and Battlestar Galactica (just three more episodes in the series to go for me. I think I haven’t finished them as I don’t want it to actually be over). So, I will be writing some thoughts on those, most likely making me the slowest blogger on television in the land. I have some other posts in the works as well, and I hope to do my part in making this an actual working blog.

Thanks for your patience.


In explanation of…

…why I don’t post as much as I’d like. It’s mainly because right now I’m really busy, but it’s a bit more than just busy.  The short of it: I’m still living in London, and trying to find a job in the charity sector.  I’m working full-time someplace else, and trying to apply for jobs and volunteer all at once in my ‘free time.’  I really want to post, and I have great ‘future post’ ideas, but sometimes I’m just not physically able to get to it.  I’m hoping that I get a job soon, so that I don’t have to apply for jobs. And boy with that time, you better watch out!

I know I’ve promised Lost and Battlestar, and I hope I get to write it soon. I’ve been watching Lost, and I am loving it.  I actually haven’t managed to see any of the BSG yet, but I’m hoping to work that at soon.
But, for now, I’ve posted a clip for the weekly video clip. This one is from Sports Night, which holds the title of Co-Favorite Television Show EVER in my book.  It’s just a short clip where Dan realizes that someone he thought was crazy, wasn’t actually crazy. The short story behind this clip is that Bobbi (the girl in the clip) always claimed that Dan spent a ‘night of passion’ with her in Spain, but then he never called.  Dan has always claimed he never went to Spain, and thus couldn’t have done this. This clip exposes some of Dan’s “misconceptions” of the situation.

Here’s the clip

The end of this clip is my favourite part which showcases why I love this show so much. Sports Night has a great way of showing a character being wrong, realising it, apologizing, and actually be a better person because of said apology. It’s the part where Dan apologizes:  “What a jerk I was.  I should have called you. If my not calling you made you feel like any less than what you are…I’m sorry.” To which Bobbi simply says, “Thank you.”