That one girl (who loves tv) has loved TV as long as she can remember. From early morning viewings of Romper Room and The Muppet Show she was hooked on the ‘idiot box‘. As a kid she audio-tape recorded shows (no VCR for her family in the 80s) like Bewitched and Little House on the Prairie and then, listened to them over and over, much to the bemusement and dismay of her family. Thankfully, her tastes have gotten much better over the years (though she still loves Bewitched and Little House), but some things never change. She has been known to watch episodes of Sports Night and Arrested Development over and over, much to the bemusement and dismay of her family (and friends!). More recently, she has been in love with Lost, wanted to marry Battlestar Galactica(which is the best show you’re not watching because you’re afraid of sci-fi), and really fell for Sherlock.  She lived in London for a while which taught her a lot about the good kind and the bad kind of reality shows, and she has to admit she’s just not that into soaps. Expect the kind that only old ladies like. She generally thinks her taste in television is not only excellent, but always right. Except when it’s, um, you know, not.

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