Happy 10th Sports Night

There are many things I find hard to understand: Why women don’t get paid as much as men, why people always fly-over the Midwest without stopping to see its beauty, etc., but right now, I am finding it very hard to understand how it has been TEN YEARS since Sports Night first aired on television.

Sports Night will forever be one of my favorite television shows; it features such wonderful writing, interesting characters, and of course that now-patented Aaron Sorkin walking and talking trick. It had Peter Krause before Six Feet Under, and Robert Guillaume after Soap & Benson. It gave Josh Charles, an all-time favorite of mine, his best role, introduced us to Joshua Molina and made me forget that Sabrina Lloyd was ever in that show called Sliders. Most importantly through Sports Night I grew to love one Ms. Felicity Huffman, a love that culminated to me screaming in joy when she won the Emmy a few years back. [View that video, in which she mentions Sports Night here]

One of the things I love best about Sports Night is that it showcases women in positions of power the show is run by an African-American man. I would wager that this combination doesn’t actually occur that often. Mostly what I like though, is Dana; I always felt a kinship to her, and as I get older I can relate to her more and more. She loves her career, it makes her who she is, and really doesn’t want to comprise it. Still, she does have a desire to settle down. How she tries to negotiate these complex feelings are messy and it doesn’t always work out. But, I feel that especially at the end of Season 1, she stays true to herself.

I won’t wax poetic anymore for today on the topic of Sports Night, but rest assured the topic will be revisited again (and again!).

Cheers, Sports Night. Thanks for 10 great years.