Fringe Farewell


(edit: I fixed my hanging asterisks!)

When Fringe debuted in 2008, it wasn’t love at first sight. I liked it okay, but honestly it all felt a little predictable. Yes there was this weird sci-fi component, and it was from J.J. Abrams, and Pacey* looked cute, but despite it being right up my alley, I wasn’t super enthusiastic.I was watching from London, where it was not actually airing (we won’t go into how I watched it) and I remember not staying on top of it too much at first. It wasn’t Battlestar Galactica or Lost, and I am honestly surprised sometimes that I ever kept watching.  I think I was bored, and I could watch it in my room on the computer, and it was enjoyable enough.  Well after five seasons, I am so glad I stayed.  Fringe signs off Friday night (here in America), and here is my farewell love letter to the show.



The Last Lost Word (for now)

It’s been about two months since the Lost finale aired, two long months in between blogging. I’m not sure what you call that except maybe, bad blogging. Even though Lost has been over for awhile, I can’t let it end without commenting one last time. It was such a big part of my tv life and I’m sad it’s gone. Its noticeable absence from San Diego Comic Con was one of the first signs that it really is over.

So, what about that finale? As an episode of television it was great; as a series finale, one that resonates, redeems characters, and retains some mystery it was brilliant; as the final word, that last chance for fans to understand the mythology that is Lost, well, on that point, I gotta say, it sucked.


In the end…

Well tonight (or tomorrow morning for those of us across the pond) is it: the end of Lost. The end of polar bears and time travel (on the same island), and an end to a particular-type of WTF moments. For me personally, so much has changed in the 5.5 years since lost debuted in 2004, it is amazing to think that I went from De Soto, MO to Leavenworth, KS, to Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England. From Cingular, to Saint Mary, to Big Brothers Big Sisters, to UTech & Roehampton, Starbucks, and the National Union of Students. Wow. Lost has truly been my ‘constant’ for a whole lot of change and jumping around the world (and even and island or two). It’s the one show that I never miss, that I have to see as soon as I can. I’m probably more than just a little unreasonably sad about it ending, but when a show has been with you for all that change, when it’s helped me make new friends, and when I’ve spent some great evenings watching it with old ones, it’s sad to see it go.

I have high hopes for the finale, that in the end it will be fantastic and fun and yes, I really hope we’ll get some answers (they really need to mention Walt). I know they can’t possibly answer everything I want, but if it’s done well, that’s okay. So, instead of focussing on what they better show me, I just want to briefly reflect on what they already have, in my favorite epsiodes.


Lost: The Final Season

Lost kicks off its sixth and final season tonight in the United States, and Friday in the United Kingdom, when I will be watching. And yes, it is going to be nearly impossible for me to wait that long, and I will have to stay far away from the internets in order to avoid being spoiled. Because, man, I don’t want to be within 100 feet of a spoiler. I ready to enjoy watching the dominoes fall, and the connections made as I watch the answers to about a billion mysteries come. Or not come, as I suspect.

Lost has been a show that I’ve been a fan of since Day 1. Actually, I was a fan before it ever premiered. They had me at ‘from the maker of Alias,’ and they kept me through mystery and intrigue. Even in its weaker seasons, the mystery kept me coming for more. I do love the characters (well some of them) and I certainly care what happens to them, but there were times when we had to sit through episodes on characters I didn’t really care about. (Hello, Shannon). And then of course, there were those characters I liked, who’s departure from the show (for whatever on- or off-set reasons) disappointed and frustrated me. (I’m looking at you Mr Eko). But there was always the mystery and always the sci-fi, and generally good writing, so there you go. A hat tip to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for that. [Also, I’m such a big dork I knew those names without having to look them up. At all.]

Before we enjoy the last season, I thought I’d call attention to ten of of my favorite moments. Interestingly, Lost is not a show I’ve watched over and over like some others, so these moments are the ones that truly stand out. I remember the main points, but some of the finer ones may have been lost. (he he) (As an aside, I have some theories on why I haven’t watched them multiple times, the main one being that, for me, it’s the reveal that makes Lost, so once you’ve seen the reveal it’s not as much fun. ) Anyway, without further fanfare here are my 10 favorite moments, in no particular order, after the jump.

Saying Au Revior to ER

I wrote my first television related article about E.R.; long before blogs, websites, or my family owning a VCR, I compared and reviewed E.R. and Chicago Hope for my high school newspaper, the “Eye of the Dragon.” (For those of you not inclined to remember Chicago Hope, it too was a show about doctors in a Chicago hospital, although that is where the similarities ended).

Somewhere between there and here, I blinked, and 15 years went by. I am sure in some ways my 15 year-old self would not believe who she has become, or where she has gone–Jamaica, London, Leavenworth! But, some things have remained steadfast these many years, including, and amongst other things, my wicked laugh, worrying too much what people think of me, and of course my love of watching and writing about television. So, as E.R. officially ends tonight, I thought I should pay tribute to the show that gave me my start.